GP Home Visiting

GP Home Visiting

What we do

GP home visits are an important aspect of the services that General Practices offer its registered service users. 

It allows them to be treated and cared for in their home or place of residence and helps to reduce the need for hospital admission.

Home visits are vital when a physical examination is considered essential and the patient is unable to attend the GP surgery.

By working alongside general practitioners, we can help to meet the demand for daily appointments and enable them to provide an increased amount of home visits each day.

Our home visiting service provides clinical assessments and observations, report writing and treatment plans based on the patient’s needs. All reported back to your practice on the day for your consideration.

What we offer

  • Full day booking - Monday to Friday between 8am - 6pm.
  • Staffed by Paramedic Prescribers, Emergency Care Practitioners or experienced Paramedics that are fully vetted by ourselves.
  • Insurance - medical malpractice and public liability.
  • Equipment for observations - heart rate, blood pressure, SPO2, blood glucose, temperature and urinalysis.
  • Full PPE based on current National Health guidelines.

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